Turbo blade chip

 Here something we saw while replacing an N63 engine,,,,I was just removing the turbos and checked the propeller blades and noticed a chipped blade,,,the car had no faults or any turbo noises

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7 Responses to Turbo blade chip

  1. Mike says:

    Can you share a little info as I have an N63 engine too:
    1) Why did it fail
    2) What year was the vehicle
    3) How many miles on the engine
    4) Was the “customer care package” completed on the engine
    5) Was this covered under any warranty



  2. Simmerl says:

    Any Idea where the chip is located now? Thank you!


  3. No idea where the chip is,,,,it probably went into the engine


  4. Sean Schultz says:

    Well no codes or symptoms now but at the high rpms they run at and unbalanced I say it might have just happened. Whats crazy is I have one with the exact same chip . Must be a casting design issue and probably a reason for early turbo failure. I will shoot a picture of it and put on my website so you can see it. Crazy weird coincidence ?

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