B58 engine

 Here a look at the inside of the new B58 6 cylinder,,,,as you can see the vanos units and timing chain are at the rear next to the firewall,,,,,that will be a fun job when the time comes,,,the cylinder head is more stream line,,,,the ins are more simpler,,,,the eccentric motor is now outside the cylinder head it is sitting at the top front of the engine next to the intake manifold.

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9 Responses to B58 engine

  1. JC says:

    The location of the timing chain on these B-series engines is the #1 reason why I’m trying to hold onto my N55.


  2. Sean says:

    Yeah that timing chain location could be fine if it’s problem free, but if that motor is like the N20 they’ll have a lot of headaches. Any idea why they did that? Also, why was it apart?


    • Yeah everything is good until there is a problem,,,,,lol,,,,don’t know why they put the timing chain in the rear of the engine, BMW never told us why,,,,,the valve cover was off because of a valvetronic issue and oiling issue,,,,after we inspected the head BMW found out it was a software issue with the oiling and valvetronic


    • JC says:

      The B-series engines are modular which allows BMW to save money on costs with regards to casting the engine blocks*, and also realize savings on other associated component costs.

      * Closed-deck engine block and BMW uses the same block for both gas and diesel variants plus the cooling/lubrication passages are the same design so costs are saved when casting the I6 since it’s just an extension of two cylinders.


  3. afelso says:

    I heard one explanation for the arrangement, not sure if that’s the right answer. The article said this way the engine runs smoother. It’s easier to balance it out.

    Andreas, I heard from several people that this engine in their car runs roughly and shakes the car due to miss firing after a cold start. It only lasts for a few seconds. Have you met with this issues? What could be the reason?


  4. Ibrahim says:

    Hello .. i have been experiencing a beeping noise from my 340 b58 engine i dont know if it was there before or not … The beeping is always there while engine is running and still there for 20 seconds after turning off the engine .. Can you please help and check weather this is normal or not .. Sorry if i posted in the wrong thread …. appreciate if you can share your experience https://youtu.be/6jmRwYE83QI


    • Hello,,,,thanks for the video,,,,no this is not normal and no I have never heard that before,,,,,I have no idea what that is,,,you need a mechanic to here where the noise is coming from and what’s going on.,,,,sorry couldn’t help


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