N47 diesel quality control valve

 I know this picture sucks but down there is the High pressure pump for the N47 Diesel engine ,,,,,the pump is located under the intake manifold and at the rear of the engine,,,,the car came in with check engine light on injector cut off cylinder 1,,,,so we have to submit a Puma case to release fuel injectors. So Puma wanted me to remove the quality control valve on the high pressure fuel pump,,,,the valve is bolted on the side of the pump with 2 bolts nothing fancy just difficult to get to. What they wanted to see if the screen was clean of any metal pieces,,,,as you can see it was clean,,,Puma wanted to make sure the high pressure pump was not coming apart,,,,so since everything was clean they had me replace the injector.

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19 Responses to N47 diesel quality control valve

  1. Hi Andreas, say, what was the fault code, 24xx00 or something? How much fuel comes out of the hole when you pull the valve? From your post, it sounds like a damaged pump chews itself up pretty fast (rather than slowly filling up the injectors with fine particles before completely shredding). Thanks!


  2. Does Puma not advise you to drain/inspect the fuel… In the case that’s what might be causing all these problems?


  3. Maxx says:

    Hello Sir,

    Question for you, how reliable are the 2011+ 535d are ?
    I’m thinking about replacing the N20 with diesel … are they any better ?

    Thank you !


  4. Michael says:

    I am getting ready to preventatively replace the HPFP on my 328D. I understand a tool is needed to secure crankshaft position at firing TDC. I can not find clear instructions to find TDC. Any pointers or links?


    • Yes have a trained technician do that job,,,that job is not for a backyard mechanic,,,you will also need some other special tools for that job.,,,,also if the HPFP failed or came apart you should also replace the fuel line that go to the fuel tank because there might be some piece stuck inside the lines,,,,I do not know of any links to help you,,,,,sorry and good luck


  5. murialsblog says:

    What needs to be removed to get access to, and replace the quantity control valve?
    My car is a 120d 2008 M-Sport, N47 engine


  6. Andre says:

    Is PUMA something like a support engineering team for BMW technicians?


  7. murialsblog says:

    So, got the quantity control valve off today and it looks like there’s metal shards in.
    Does this definitely mean the HPFP has blown?


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