F30 EME machine

 Here is the EME machine on a F30 330E,,,,the car came in with check engine light on the fault was EME temp sensor short circuit no signal,,,performed the test plan and submitted a puma case to see if they see anything on there side.,,,the  EME is located under the car behind the drivers and in front of the left rear tire area. So I checked out the temp sensor which is located on top of the transmission,,,,the sensor connection and readings checked out ok,,,,so puma wanted me to replace the EME,,,,this picture is the old EME removed with coolant hoses and mounting brackets,,,,,removing and working on these high voltage cars are always scary,,,,the whole procedure shutting down the high voltage and also making sure not to damage any orange connector or harness could cause major harm when you activate the high voltage,,,,we don’t need any high voltage short circuits.

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8 Responses to F30 EME machine

  1. Eric EM says:

    Hey BMW TECHNICIAN! Did you ever had an F30 with a K-Can fault, my reverse camera doesn’t work anymore. I went on ista and I have a K-Can line fault and can’t communicate with 4 modules ; ihka , con ,smfa , trsvc. I already tried to delete the faults 😦 Don’t know where to start


    • You can’t communicate in all 4 modules or you have faults in all 4 modules,,,,if no communication I would first check all the fuses,,,,1 fuse could power up all 4 of those modules


      • Eric EM says:

        It’s in red in ISTA, but when I clear the faults, they are able to communicate for a few seconds (yellow) and a bunch of faults comes up. But after 15 seconds, they won’t communicate anymore (Like if there’s a short and it end the connection to these modules after a few seconds)


  2. Eric EM says:

    The fault is logged after terminal 15 has been hot for a maximum of ten seconds.

    Maybe I should start by disconnecting one module at a time and see what’s happening 😦


  3. Eric EM says:

    it’s started this morning, turned on the car, had an airbag fault, idrive was running super slow and reverse camera wasn’t working. Then Idrive started to work properly, airbag fault disappeared. Now everything is working properly except the reverse camera (no image)


  4. Eric EM says:

    Also this is intermittent, the reverse camera worked this morning :/


    • If this is intermittent then the fuses should be ok,,,question is the camera picture ok or does it have lines or grainy or flicker at any time,,,,you might have a bad reverse camera


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