Cheap fix

 Sometime I see some strange things and some cheap people,,,,and he wonders why his car has the check engine light on car running lean,,,next time maybe he could tape it with electrical tape like everyone else,,,,,lol

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  1. John C says:


    Long time BMW owner here. My current ride is a 435i and I’m at 43k miles. I was thinking about owning this car out outside of the factory warranty. BMW Extended Warranty is in the $4500 range for 2 yrs / 75k miles which seems really high for a well sorted out drivetrain as the N55/ZF8HP. So I was thinking about not buying the warranty. I did own a 335d at one point with an extended warranty which saved me $$ since the dealership had to, over a period of a year, replace most of the emissions system.

    What are your thoughts on the repair history of the N55 / ZF8HP? At the moment I anticipate having to replace/repair the following items within the next 50k miles: ATF fluid, sparkplugs, charge pipe, one or more oil filter housing gaskets, water pump/thermostat.


    • The repair history on the N55 is pretty good compared the the N54,,,,I think your right about the waterpump,t-stat,oil filter housing gasket,spark plugs and oil changes,,you might have to worry about fuel injectors and maybe a ignition coil and hopefully a vanos unit doesn’t go bad,,,,I know $4500 is a lot of money for a extended warranty,,,it’s a tuff call


      • John C says:

        Thanks for the feedback. Time to invest in some ramps. 🙂

        On a side note do you think BMW will ever build a problem free V8? Also, with it now being a few years since BMW moved to the 10k mile oil change interval in the US and Shell gas-to-liquid lubricants have your techs notice cleaner valve trains and less repairs which could be attributed to dirty oil?


      • Lol,,,,a trouble free V8 I wouldn’t have a job anymore,,,,lol,,,,,we have noticed less problems with the newer V8 so far and they have changed the oil service to about 6000 miles


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