Custom BMW motorcycle

 Went to the Peterson car museum this last weekend to check out the Porsche exhibits and they had some custom motorcycle ,,,,I noticed this BMW and how he put the front kidney grills in the front,,,pretty cool ride.

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4 Responses to Custom BMW motorcycle

  1. Crystal says:

    Hi there! I have a question unrelated to this post: I’m having to replace my low beam headlight on the passenger side. The dealership provided me limited information on the bulb based on my VIN but it’s really expensive. I’m looking to save money and wanted a less expensive option while ensuring it’s compatible with what I’m replacing. Please advise.


    • I’m sorry there is no cheap way out of this,,,,I don’t know which type of headlight or vehicle you have,,,,but BMW headlights are a special design and some aftermarket bulbs cause more problems.


  2. Alf Toy says:

    Enjoy your site. Have a 135i 2011, nephew seized camshaft, how does one ID an N55 head from salvage engine? Is there a casting number or stamp on the head?


    • Good question I really don’t know,,,,I can tell you the N55 engine has 1 turbo where the N54 has 2 separate turbos,,,,but if you find a head already removed from the engine I don’t know how you will tell if it’s a N55 head,,,,if you do get a complete used head with camshaft,,,I would remove the camshafts and make sure everything is clean and not rusted or binding.


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