E90 pcv valve heater recall

 Ok I know this recall has been out for awhile, the PCV valve heater recall well the dealer are just starting to get the new updated parts finally,,,,the PCV valve here pictured sit right in the middle of the intake manifold on the  inside next to the engine block,,,you have to remove the air filter box the drive belt and the alternator,,,,so you can reach around and remove the torque screws. Here is the new updated PCV heater valve , there is no visible different with the old and new,,,interesting thing BMW doesn’t want us to put any grease or spray on the o-ring seal when installing the new part due to the heat of the PCV valve heater.

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13 Responses to E90 pcv valve heater recall

  1. richard behn says:

    What is going on with the blower motor recall?


  2. JC says:

    OK. Off topic. I just finished perusing 2018-2016 archives and I have to say it was a great read for someone who likes the brand. I have a question about aftermarket tunes. The forums are full of guys saying that BMW will restore a factory warranty if a tune has been removed and one the salesmen for CPO cars said that same when he tried to get me into a CPO M3 (Can someone say spun-crank hub and never mind the fact that BMW hasn’t built a reliable engine for the M3 in almost 20 years!!!).

    Do you have anything to add regarding BMWNA’s stance on factory warranty for formerly tuned cars?


    • This is a tuff one, BMW doesn’t liked aftermarket tuned car unless it’s Dinan tune, see the problem is some of these tuners don’t care about what the engine can handle,,,the tuner just cares about making the most horsepower they can for the happy customer.,,,some time these engine are over rev,d and they lean out to make more horsepower causing more damage,,,,don’t get me wrong I like to drive a tuned M cars


  3. Amanda says:

    My blower motor went in 2016 and again in 2017. Do you think it would be something else related. The difference in both times when it went was,the second time it started to smell like burning plastic and smoke was coming up.


  4. mickey says:

    Didnt know where to write but i have a 2004 525i e60 m54 when the engine gets warm the red error message come on the Idrive that the oil pressure is low, the message goes away when i press the gas peddle ever so slightly to bring up the rpm.things i have done so far
    replaced all coils and plugs
    replaced all vaccum lines in the inlet
    replaced the DISA valve (it was bad)
    replaced the oil and oil filter
    replaced the valve inside the oil filter housing
    rebuilt the vanos
    replaced the valve cover gasket
    replaced the oil filter housing gasket
    replaced the throttle body gasket
    cleaned out the throttle body
    cleaned out the ICV
    Replaced the Inlet manifold gasket
    Replaced the Air filter with AFE filter
    Please help if you can with anything i need to look at


  5. mickey says:

    Im so sorry that is the very first part i replaced. I totally forgot to add that to the list
    I am waiting on the belts and pulleys to arrive so ill replace them and take the car to the dealer to diagnose the issue and ill try to fix it at home with my kids. They love working on tue car so its z noce project car.


    • mickey says:

      Update, I fixed the problem. So after all the work i did was all worth it cos all the ites were worn out and in need of replacement. So the main thing that fixed the Red low oil pressure light was a small valve inside the OFH, when i removed the OFH i saw a round part and it had a + black plastic piece inside the plastic piece is a valve with a spring at the bottom, the plastic + piece moves up and down and it had etched a mark on the aluminium housing and was stuck, i took a 1/2 inch socket extension and hammered it inside then i used a breaker bar and twisted the valve and housing out cleaned inside the OFH and then pulled the original spring out installed it in the $32 housing that i bought from bmw-vanos.com it was an easy install just pushed it in by hand and then placed a small piece of wood block ontop and hammered it in till it was flush. installed a new OFH gaskit and 2 cans of engine degreaser to clean up the engine from the oil leak. oh and i also replaced the Serperntine belt and pully (cos they were worn).
      added some Seafoam and drove the car and no more issues.
      car runs great, Just ordered 4 new Cooper tires and will get it installed balanced and wheel aligned to 0 so no -camber and hope my tires last this time.

      Oh and i rebuilt the vanos also replaced all the seals even the solenoid seals ordered from bmw-vanos.com very cheap repair.

      I hope it helps someone who has this issue.


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