ZF 8 speed transmission

    Here are some picture of a transmission leak on a ZF 8 speed which is very rare,,,,we don’t see this to offen anymore not like the older transmission where the mechtronic sleeve would leak all the time. So what I had to do was clean the transmission pan and then we spray it with this leak detector spray,,,,you see all that white stuff is the leak detector,,,,then I ran the engine for about 30 minute and this is what I found,,,you can see where the leak is coming from,,,pretty cool stuff make my job easier.

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8 Responses to ZF 8 speed transmission

  1. Sorin says:

    Can a leak on a ZF 8 speed Gearbox can be identified “from the wheel” (I mean without having to periodically check the car underneath), before the level gets too low and it’s already too late?


  2. JC says:

    So here’s the $1,000 question. Did BMW require that you refill with the original fluid or did they splurge and allow you to refill with fresh ZF Lifeguard 8 ATF (eg BMW ATF Part No..XYZ)?


  3. Nazar says:

    hey I need help with my 2010 Bmw 750li xdrive, I changed the entire front suspension including struts and springs and everything is oe from dealer but now my car sits 69cm in front and 66.5cm in back i tried adjusting the ride height a few times with Ista D and nothing helped, Can you please explain what caused the car to sit so much higher at the front now? the car is equipped with full dynamic drive


    • Those measurement sound about right,,,,you are measuring the wheel well arch,,,,,and the front and rear are different height for staying and looks,,,,the front and rear wheel well arches are different height which is normal,,,,question when looking at your car does it look like it’s sitting funny ,,,,I would be worried if it’s sitting funny,,,,You can lie to the ISTA a couple mm up or down if that help to change the ride height if that helps


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