ZF 8 speed transmission

    Here are some picture of a transmission leak on a ZF 8 speed which is very rare,,,,we don’t see this to offen anymore not like the older transmission where the mechtronic sleeve would leak all the time. So what I had to do was clean the transmission pan and then we spray it with this leak detector spray,,,,you see all that white stuff is the leak detector,,,,then I ran the engine for about 30 minute and this is what I found,,,you can see where the leak is coming from,,,pretty cool stuff make my job easier.

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38 Responses to ZF 8 speed transmission

  1. Sorin says:

    Can a leak on a ZF 8 speed Gearbox can be identified “from the wheel” (I mean without having to periodically check the car underneath), before the level gets too low and it’s already too late?


  2. JC says:

    So here’s the $1,000 question. Did BMW require that you refill with the original fluid or did they splurge and allow you to refill with fresh ZF Lifeguard 8 ATF (eg BMW ATF Part No..XYZ)?


    • The answer is’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,reuse and refill with old fluid,,,,,,,life time fluid,,,,lol


      • JC says:

        Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with those BMW folks out of Woodcliff, New Jersey.


      • concerned says:

        Yike, why can’t BMWNA pay for brand new fluid?

        My local foreman also said the F30 coolant thermostat recall requires existing coolant to be captured and reused, what the heck?!?


      • I know some things are stupid,,,,but BMW is trying to save money,,,all the fluids on a BMW are expensive ,,,can you imagine if every time we do a waterpump or t-stat and BMW has to pay for another gallon of coolant,,,,BMW is saving million of dollars globally,,,,BMW is already paying for the customers service on new cars,,,,,BMW was one of the first car company’s to do that.,,,that alone is costing BMW a lot of money


  3. Nazar says:

    hey I need help with my 2010 Bmw 750li xdrive, I changed the entire front suspension including struts and springs and everything is oe from dealer but now my car sits 69cm in front and 66.5cm in back i tried adjusting the ride height a few times with Ista D and nothing helped, Can you please explain what caused the car to sit so much higher at the front now? the car is equipped with full dynamic drive


    • Those measurement sound about right,,,,you are measuring the wheel well arch,,,,,and the front and rear are different height for staying and looks,,,,the front and rear wheel well arches are different height which is normal,,,,question when looking at your car does it look like it’s sitting funny ,,,,I would be worried if it’s sitting funny,,,,You can lie to the ISTA a couple mm up or down if that help to change the ride height if that helps


  4. Nazar says:

    i got the alignment done and released all the bushings and managed to fix the front being so high to some extent. Now even after alignment when i drive on sagged roads from trucks and when i change lane to left the car steering won’t return to centre unless i force it too. any idea what can cause that, all front suspension including rack and pinion have been changed?


  5. Nazar says:

    also forgot to mention on sagged roads the steering will move left and right when going slow speed under 40km/h


  6. concerned says:

    It is amazing BMW allows reuse of old AT fluid during repair, does TIS say the same?

    For sure TIS says never reuse used coolant during repair, but the thermostat recall was completed by refilling with captured coolant!@#$%!


  7. randy says:

    can you supply tech documents for doing a complete fluid, oil pan change for the f30 xdrive zf tranny.


  8. randy says:

    I have watched 4 or 5 videos on the how to… seems easy enough, buy the kit of fcp euro, and follow there steps. I get confused on filling the oil, they say add until overflow on cold motor, Start motor until temp gets up to spec, foot on break, put into reverse, then drive then all gears, place in park, while car is still running add more oil until overflows, shut off car, tighten tranny bolt and done… Does this sound correct??


  9. Learner says:

    Hi, do you advise changing the transmission fluid for a 3 series (F30 model) with an automatic transmission? If so what mileage or age do you recommend? Thanks.


  10. Learner says:

    I had this problem with the 3 series when parking up and then reversing back and then putting it in D to go forward, the car did not move forward, it was like it was stuck at the time, mileage was either probably 52k something or less at the time, could this be a symptom of a transmission fluid being considered for a change or is this normal behaviour? The vehicle was at the dealer and they couldn’t find an actual fault with the auto transmission after a test.


  11. Eddy says:

    I got a 420411 Implementation Monitoring Implausible: Clutch B Transmission code today.
    Any experience with that code?


  12. Eddy says:

    Why does transmission fluid leak/puddle after a long drive (sitting in stop and go traffic) when the car is off?


  13. Eddy Woodard says:

    my leaking is coming from here. https://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1747415

    Is that supposed to be capped off?

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  14. eddy says:

    This is where the fluid is leaking from.. Is it supposed to be capped off?


  15. eddy woodard says:

    What causes transmission pressure to increase and fluid comeout… a clogged transmission cooler? clogged ac condensor?


  16. eddy woodard says:

    Today I noticed my coolant in reservoir was milkshake colored. I notice Tuesday there were oil spots in my reservoir. Thursday my coolant still had small oil spots in reservoir, i drove the car probably 5-10 miles total and on Friday i checked the reservoir and its milkshake colored. No engine overheating issues, no burning smells, no transmission issues or codes, etc. I checked the engine oil and its normal colored, so no coolant in engine oil. I pulled the radiator drain plug and coolant is normal color. So then I pull the transmission oil plug and milkshake colored oil comes out thats the same color in the reservoir.

    Could the trans cooler in the radiator be leaking or is the transmission heat exchanger leaking??


  17. eddy woodard says:

    should i replace radiator and/or heat exchanger, drain and refill the trans or flush, replace pan & filter and heat exchanger and refill?


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