E38 with S62 engine

 Yes your eye sight is ok,,,,this is a E38 with a S62 engine installed,,,this engine swap looks factory from top and bottom also the 6 speed trans is installed. I was called in on this car,,,,the customer is having a hard time with California smog laws,,,,the smog referee is asking for a lot of info on the engine swap,,,the engine and trans swap was performed somewhere in Florida,,,,the person who performed the engine swap also burned in the VIN number into the S62 DME ,,,,usually when someone performs a engine swap the DME has the old cars VIN number still in the DME ,,,,the front suspension was updated and modified with stronger sway bar to support the extra weight.

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  1. Jc says:

    F32: Rubber drain channels between rear lights and trunk edge.

    This has bothered me since I bought the car.

    Q: Is the trunk side edge of these rubber channels supposed to be tucked underneath the weatherstripping of the trunk compartment? Driver side is not and passenger side is.

    Part no:51497290651 ??


    • If I understand what you are talking about,,,,The trunk rubber goes over,,,,the trunk felt liner goes under the trunk rubber.


      • JC says:

        I’m talking about the rubber piece (1 on each side) on the exterior side of the rubber gasket. It sits in the drain channel where water coming off the back window runs down (between tail lamps and trunk opening)..


  2. JC says:

    Do you have any recommendations for torque wrenches? Perusing through the TIS system I’m seeing a lot of values in the 8nm range and then in the 20-30 nm range.

    Thanks in advance!


    • A lot of guys get 2 tongue wrenches,,,,,we get one for the smaller torque and a bigger one for the larger torque ,,,,,I still use a old fashion torque wrench no digital here,,,,just get a good name brand wrench


  3. JC says:

    Two quick questions.

    N55 with the hot-weather package (Both an auxiliary oil and coolant radiator). My vehicle has this package and there’s a heat exchanger for what I presume to be the coolant side suspended over the thermostat between the engine block and the expansion tank.

    Q: What method does BMW recommend with regards to removing the thermostat on this setup? Do they recommend from underneath or from the top by removing these components which are in the way?

    Part 2: As I posted previously (see above posts) about the drain channel inserts between the tail lamps and the trunk opening. Due to they way the left side was installed at the factory water runs underneath the insert down a gap in the body rather than over it.

    Q: Is this something I should worry about?

    The dealer said it’s normal and I just went out of factory warranty.



  4. Claudio says:

    Amazing swap that only a very few have completed. I have a M5 S62 donor to swap on 1995 840Ci E31 and have been studying the possibiliteis and looking for guidance or someone to do it…. thank you for your posting and appreciate advise.

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  5. Timothy r Chapel says:

    I read a lot about the N63. I have some questions for you about whether or not I should keep my N63. Can I throw you a few.


    • Yes,,,give me the year and miles and what was done to it already


      • Timothy r Chapel says:

        Owned since new, 2010 750 x drive 40k miles. No problems before CCP done. They replaced only injectors, no timing chain. Oil changes every 5,000 miles or less. Last one what 1200 miles. Doesn’t use a drop of oil or coolant. I want to install the 90c thermostat. I haven’t had any problems with the vehicle but after all I’ve read it looks like I am in for it down the road. I am mechanically inclined and have my own hoist but this car scares me! Never worked on a BMW. Can I work on this car and is it worth keeping or should I sell now? Thanks-Tim


      • Claudio says:

        Donor is a total 2006 M5 46800 miles on the engine, merely maintenance according to BMW report… to retrofit 1995 BMW 840Ci…


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