blower motor wiring recall

 This is pretty bad,,,this is burnt and damaged blower motor harness,,,,this what we see while repairing the blower motor harness for the recalled,,,usually we just see the harness slightly burnt,,,we don’t see the harness completely damaged. This is the brown ground wiring which burnt completely out of the connector,,,this customer is lucky the car didn’t catch on fire,,,,,so come on in and get that recall fixed

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7 Responses to blower motor wiring recall

  1. JC says:

    Yikes !! Glad I sold my E90


  2. Xander says:

    Hello BMWTechnician. I have an E92 with this recall. I was wondering, what happens when the wires are this burnt? At this point do you replace the whole blower motor?

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    • No we don’t replace the whole blower motor ,,,but we do replace the the final stage that where the harness plugs into.,,,the final stage gets all the damage when it’s burnt that bad not the blower motor


      • Xander says:

        I see. Thank you for the info. Just curious, do you guys disconnect the battery while performing the blower motor or PCV recall? I know the procedure says to, but I was wondering if you guys actually do it in real life.


      • Lol,,,why you want to know my secrets,,,,no I do not disconnect the battery during repairs,,,when doing the blower motor recall you have to be careful when cutting the harness,,,if you cut wrong you will blow a very big 40 amp fuse,,,lol


  3. Xander says:

    I am taking my car in tomorrow. Just curious because I rather the tech not disconnect my battery. Thank you!


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