X6M bad news

   Ok this is bad news,,,X6 M engine came in not running good,,,,vanos issue on bank 1,,,,engine wasn’t taken care,,,the engine had a lot of oil leaks and coolant leaks,,,,valve stem seals leaking really bad,,,,also when you started the engine you would hear a load rattle noise coming from the engine like a chain rattle noise,,,,the noise would come and go,,,,well bad news is the right side timing chain rail broke and caused the timing chain to jump timing causing the valves to hit the Pistons and bend and break causing major damage.

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16 Responses to X6M bad news

  1. JC says:


    Warranty? Will you guys hook up the car to pull logs looking for a tune or over-rev?

    At least the owner will get a new engine with leaky valve stems and all (sarcasm).


  2. James says:

    That is some serious damage! Was deferred maintenance the real issue? Coolant and oil leaks are one thing, but this looks like a Volvo head when an overdue timing belt breaks. I can only imagine that this car went a very long time between oil changes and was driven very hard.


    • Yes the customer didn’t take care of anything,,,oil service was 15k over due


      • JC says:

        This is tough call. I imagine that the typical X6 owner doesn’t know how to reset the oil service indicator.

        On another note BMW has released a recall notice on a handful of new M5’s due to a manufacturing defect. Engine replacement on the way.


  3. fredayday says:

    I don’t know if I’d blame the owner for all of it! Those engines are bad from the FACTORY! If he followed the maintenance schedule he is NOT to blame, only BMW. I took my car in to BMW (N63 bought at 90k) and told them that the noise I heard upon startup was definitely the timing chains and their only summation was that these engines are notiourously noisy. I change my oil every 2k and have changed it at the 500 mile mark lately and the issue is still there. The previous owner had all maintenance records and my issue is IDENTICAL to this motor with the Vanos code on Bank 1. I drove delicately and the issue is still present so now I’m just waiting for my motor to grenade itself and continue laying this loan on this heap of shit that I own. I feel for this owner and many other enthusiasts that bought an N63 equipped vehicle only to have a POS.


  4. DYLAN HOSE says:

    Codes in History: All Codes Are Intermittent and May Not Come Back On

    Hey I just recently purchased a 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe 4D and took it to the shop for them to look it over. They gave me these codes. Are any of these codes bad and what would it cost me to fix if so? Thank you for any help you can give me!


    • Yea the two I was worried about is oil pressure and oil temp,,,,and the fuel pressure issue,,,,,I would look at those two problems,,,the other faults are not a big issue,,,with the oil pressure and oil temp I would start by replacing the oil pressure/temp switch,,,,and the fuel pressure would like you need to replace the I tank fuel pump and the EKPS module which is the fuel pump relay,,,the module will need to be programmed.,,,I don’t know the prices the labor on the oil pressure switch/ oil temp switch is 2hr labor,,,,the fuel pump and EKPS module labor is 4hr.


      • DYLAN HOSE says:

        Thanks for the reply. Are those things long term problems or something that can be easily fixed? Are these problems costly to repair / Are these things that are covered by the manufacturers warranty? Also I have the option to return this vehicle up until Friday. Are any of those things bad enough that you would recommend returning the car instead of purchasing it?


  5. Howdy, I found this website while researching options for my own similar situation. My 2012 X6M died one evening and coasted to the side of the road. The status indicator screen was displaying a message about the transmission having failed. I had it towed to the dealer in Seattle and they’re telling me that the engine “seized”. They admitted that they hadn’t gotten the transmission into neutral before attempting to turn the crank bolt, but they were still “pretty sure” the engine seized. All factory services including routine oil changes have been done by the dealer on-time. The car has been babied and kept in my garage. It has ~75k miles, no leaks of any kind, and there was no warning whatsoever before the engine failed. The warranty expired two years ago, but I’m absolutely certain that an engine shouldn’t POSSIBLY last for fewer then 80K miles when properly cared for by the dealership. They’re asking for $37,000.00 to replace the engine. I know there have been recalls and class-action lawsuits for cars having the N63 engine, but the X6M uses the S63, which I’m told is still very similar to the N63. What are the chances of BMW of North America agreeing to help me out with a goodwill repair or reimbursement? Unlike the owner of the car in your post, I’ve ALWAYS had EVERY issue fixed b y the dealership. Assuming that they DON’T give me a goodwill repair or extreme discount, what would you recommend? The car is in immaculate condition (except for the “seized” engine). Thanks in advance!


    • If the engine is seized and it sounds like it is if they can not turn the crank bolt,,,,I don’t think BMW will do anything for you the car is 2yr out of warranty,,,now the question do you fix the car,,36k is a lot of money and you still have a older car and something else could go wrong like the transmission?,,or due you walk away from the car and put that 36k towards a new X5M which is over 100k,,,that’s a hard decision to make,,,me myself I would just get rid of that car and find a new car but that’s just me.,,,I hope everything works out for you.


  6. Jam2reggae says:

    I bought a used 2010 BMW X6 E71 with an N63 engine last February 2020. I noticed that the coolant was leaking. I took it back to the dealer who changed the rear coolant seal as well as the complete coolant valley pan replacement. The coolant issues are now resolved but I noticed when I drive normal, everything is fine but if I suddenly accelerate an obvious missing is in the engine. At first, I thought it was the transmission. It continued for a while until one day it got so bad it alerted me on the screen that the engine has malfunctioned and went into lymph mode. I ran a diagnostic check and it gave me code P0301 – Cylinder 1 misfired detected. I cleared it and it ran fine. But it continues to happen whenever I suddenly accelerate, either to overtake another vehicle and/or need more power and accelerated suddenly. I also noticed that whenever it goes into lymph mode and I pull over, switch off the ignition, and restart, it runs normally.
    Have you ever encountered any such issues? I read in another thread where you had a number 1 cylinder misfire due to an excessive coolant leak that causes some issues. Can you assist to diagnose what could be possibly wrong?


    • There are a couple of things it could be,,,,it sounds like you might have a fuel injector,ignition coil or maybe a spark plug going bad,,,,the easiest thing to do if you can it won’t be that easy,,,if you could swap ignition coil 1 and 2 and test drive hard again and see if the fault follows the ignition coil to cylinder 2 then the ignition coil would be your problem.


    • Thank you for responding. I will swap ignition coils 1 and 2 and test drive. Will update you on the result. Stay tuned. Thanks


  7. LannyB Bromfield says:

    I bought a used 2010 BMW X6 E71 with an N63 engine last February 2020. the engine missed whenever I suddenly accelerate in overtaking or need power. It got so bad it threw me engine malfunctioned warnings and goes into a limp mode. I ran a diagnostic and it gave me code P0301 – cylinder 1 misfire detected.
    Has anyone experienced this? Can you assist with a solution and suggestions?


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