New B engine mechanical water pump

Here are pictures of the new B engines with a old style mechanical water pump,,,,as you can see some white dried up coolant leaking from the water pump. here are some more pictures of this fine new design water pump,,,,I don’t know why we went back to the old style water pump and go away from the newer style electric water pump.this new design gets better with a vacuum control flap,,,,this flap opens and closes off water going to and from the water pump,,,,we are seeing these water pump failing early this car had 15k miles.

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5 Responses to New B engine mechanical water pump

  1. randy says:

    worked in the lab almost every time, saved bmw 5 bucks per unit…. engineering said we can due better, bean pushers said,” good enough put it in, we will warranty it for 3 yrs and still be ahead, screw them after that”,leave that to marketing to keep them buying our cars…


  2. JC says:

    I suspect BMW expects this water pump to last longer than the expensive electric one used on the N55. I still see plastic impellers. Welcome back to 1999 !!!!!


  3. stix says:

    My B58 is over 30k miles and no water pump issues but drinking coolant.
    Is this a sign of water pump issues to come?
    What is wrong with these new mechanicals that they are failing at 15k?


    • This could be a sign the water pump is leaking,,,,why are they failing early,,,maybe because BMW forgot how to make old style water pump,,,lol,,,,BMW said they changed the design on the newer waterpump,,,let’s hope this is true


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