Rat chew

Here’s a picture of the intake manifold off on a new B48 engine,,,customer came in car has no power and check engine light on,,,I checked faults and found coolant temp sensor and bank 1 knock sensor short circuit no signal,,,decided to look under the intake manifold. and thats where I saw the Rat damage which caused the customers problem.

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6 Responses to Rat chew

  1. JC says:

    Do you recall the mileage on the vehicle? I’m only asking because the valves appear to have minimal buildup


  2. Rolfe says:

    I’ve had rats chew through my wires too, as well as sleep, poop and urinate on the engine cover. The only thing that has kept them out is leaving the hood open overnight. Tired pepper spray, mothballs, rat traps, noise/light boxes, etc. It can be a pain in the neck for sure. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Marcel says:

    I am dealing with the same problem with Rats getting under the hood.
    Check engine light came on and this is the code I got
    P10E2 BMW – Valvetronic Sensors Supply Voltage Circuit Electrical
    Any idea where I should look for a damaged wires?


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