N63R turbo oil lines update sib 11 14 18

Here is the latest update you might find when you bring your car in for service on G12 and G30,,,turbo oil lines update. This is a picture of one of the old turbo oil lines as you can see the oil line is rubber and they have been known to start leaking oil.Here is a picture of both of the old oil lines removed,,,,one of the hoses was justed to weep oil.And here are the updated new turbo oil line that are now steel braided oil lines which will last a lot longer and take the heat better with the turbos.

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6 Responses to N63R turbo oil lines update sib 11 14 18

  1. Simon says:

    This is funy. The better Steel-Version was used 8 years ago in the first revision of the N63. The rubber version was eventually cheaper., so they tried to change. 🙂


  2. Slava Malkin says:

    Hey there! Love the blog. So I am going to ask a question you’ve heard a 1000 times probably 🙂 Was offered to upgrade my 3 series for a 70k miles 2011 550 with n63. And of course there is a mass hysteria on all forums about this engine and car in general being a huge problem. Am I asking for a world of pain getting this car or is the repair/maintenance of this manageable assuming a clean record and perhaps some safety from extended warranty? what’s your experience take on the car? Should i stay away at all costs, proceed carefully or roll the dice and be pleasantly surprised? Would very much appreciate you opining here. Thanks again!


    • Lol,,,, you just made 1001 times that’s ok,,,please stay away from that car,,,,that N63 engine is not something you want in your life specially a second hand N63 with 70k miles


  3. max says:

    can you write code of new oil lines please?


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