New starter

Here’s a new type of starter for you,,,,this was on a X5 phev with a N20 engine,,,now we all know the starter has small drive teeth that spin the flywheel,,,,well we dint do that on this engine because the flywheel generates power for the battery’s Instead we use a belt that looks like a timing belt,,,it goes around the starter and the front lower crank pulley. Here is the lower front crankshaft pulley,,,it’s a different look for everyone

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3 Responses to New starter

  1. Amanda says:

    Question what could these codes mean they keep coming when the car is scanned.
    2deb power management
    2efe electric fan

    Also would anyone suggest best scanner to get for 2009 328 bmw that supports bmw software DIS V44,DIS V57,SSS PRPGRAM V32 AND EDIABAS 6.4.7/7.3.0


    • The power management fault could be your car battery low voltage,,,if you have a good battery and it is registered to the car then I wouldn’t worry about that fault,,,,we see that fault a lot and it’s kind of a random fault,,,,as long as your car starts and charges your battery then I worry about that fault,,,,,I would worry about the electric fan fault which is the front engine fan malfunctioning


  2. Angel Garcia says:

    Wow! That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing. I use to work on BMW’s. 10-14 most of our clients had e46’s e53 e83 & e39’s
    So that era is long one. Currently working for fleet of domestics. Either way thanks for sharing.

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