Scary drive

This was scary a F30 ,,,,,customer said the car got into a slight accident hit the curb and the insurance company fixed it,,,,they replaced the left front tire and wheel and had the car aligned and told the customer the car was fixed,,,customer took the vehicle and said it drives funny and making turns do not feel right,,,,I get the car and removed the lower engine panel and this is staring at me the EPS steering rack cracked in two,,,,lol,,,the insurance company had to buy a complete steering rack and eat the core charge because the old steering rack was not reuse able,,,,I can’t believe the guy the aligned the car didn’t see this or feel it when he drove it,,,,maybe he didn’t drive it after he aligned it.

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6 Responses to Scary drive

  1. JC says:

    I wonder if the shop was open to some sort of liability claim if the owner had wrecked after lossing control of the vehicle.


  2. Kotletachka says:

    Wow. I had an Audi come in after hitting a curb with the driver complaining about a clicking noise whenever they turned the wheel and it wandering on the road. They broke the mounts on the steering rack and bent one tierod. Nor sure how they made it to us!

    BTW, just to clarify, driveshaft removal on an f10: Reverse threads on all bolts, correct?


    • Are you talking about the big nut at the rear diff,,,,I recommend you do not remove the driveshaft from the rear diff,,,,just unbolt the driveshaft from the rear of the trans


      • Kotletachka says:

        Yes from the rear of the trans. Normal thread? I am reading conflicting opinions and don’t want to break anything.


      • You need a special tools to remove,,,,I highly recommend not removing from the rear diff if you don’t have to.,,,,can’t you just remove it from the transmission side and unbolt the center support bearing and just let the driveshaft hang down when you remove the engine and trans,,,,that’s what we do all the time.,,,,I have the special tools and I don’t like to remove the driveshaft from the rear if we don’t have to,,,,,it’s a bad design.


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