S55 intercooler leaking

Ok here I have the intercooler removed on a S55 engine,,,,the customer complained that’s he is losing coolant for intercooler ,,,so I pressure tested the cooling system and found the intercooler is leaking internally.Here a picture inside the intercooler,,,you can see some coolant condensation on the walls of the cooler.

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8 Responses to S55 intercooler leaking

  1. JC says:

    I suspect you’re going to see more of these since this leak is getting traction on BMW forums.


  2. Kotletachka says:

    Fantastic plastic!


    • The problem is not the plastic,,,,it’s leaking internally where the aluminum core is,,,if it was the plastic we would be leaking on the outside.


      • Kotletachka says:

        Same issue with Toyota engine/trans coolers. Ends up mixing the two fluids together and blowing the trans. Not a fun thing to tell customers.


  3. Looks easy to swap out!!


  4. Looks easy to swap out

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