Hybrid battery program

Ok so of you with the new Hybrid May get a notice for battery software update,,,,this battery is for starter motor operation ,,,this little grey box is what we hook up to the battery and it programs the batterythe battery is usually somewhere inside the engine compartment,,,,this one on a X5 is under the windshield area,,,,you can also see there is a electrical connector on the side of the battery for programming.

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4 Responses to Hybrid battery program

  1. chandler says:

    Hey, is there any form of contact you have that I can get ahold of you? I have some questions about my N63 engine and what to do. It’s starting to smoke and I’ve had two people tell me different things. One guy says rebuild the turbos and then if it still smokes do stem seals. I have another guy says the turbos are most likely fine, shouldn’t need to rebuild them and just do valve stem seals.


    • Sorry this blog is the only way to get ahold of me,,,,,I can answer your problem,,,you need to drive and get engine warm then let engine idle for about 15 to 20 minutes,,,,then get inside the car while it’s been idling for about 15 to 20 minutes then stab the throttle and rev the engine up to 5k really quick and let it come back down to idle,,,then step out of car quickly and see if you have a cloud of blue smoke come out of the exhaust,,,,if you do then you need valve stem seals replaced more likely is you problem,,,,,if it’s a turbo you would blow smoke all the time


  2. afelso says:

    Why does this programming need a different tool? Is this unit (battery and module) not hooked up to the vehicle’s communication system?


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