Diesel EGR cooler recall

Here I have the EGR cooler removed for replacement for the EGR cooler recall,,,what happens is that we inspect the inside of the cooler with a borescope and if we see the cooling fin melted or clogged then we perform the recall,,,the recall includes new EGR cooler and new intake manifold.Here the new intake manifold you can noticed the 2 chamber intake rail system,,,the secondary intake flap opens for more power Here you can see the intake side of the cylinder head.Here the throttle body you can see all the black oily soot from the diesel inside the throttle housing. the whole job isn’t to bad,,,the intake manifold just slides out and so does the EGR cooler,,,,the whole job takes about 4hr.

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30 Responses to Diesel EGR cooler recall

  1. JC says:

    How was the carbon build up within the intake tract? My M57 (335d) was notorious for it.

    Merry Christmas btw!


  2. David Trinkle says:

    Got a question for you, I have a 2013 328i xDrive with the N20 engine. I posted about a week ago about my drivetrain Malfunction and as I suspected it was either the Vanos bolts units internal at the timing chain so that was c costly fix but I am good now. I have a minor issue with the Front Electronics Module. If I access it with either BimmerCode or Carly I get a FEM Coding error and says it needs to be loaded from a backup well this car has never been coded before so any ideas? From what I am reading I need a new FEM or have this one repaired if I want to acted this part of the coding. The car runs great and there are not codes when I check the car for it is not a functional issue just an access issue but I assume trouble is headed my way. Thanks


  3. kr4va says:

    diff engine—speaking of build up– my ’16 f30 4cycl turbo at 18k (prev own drove 3k in 2 years) should i inject some cleaner in the TBody to clean intake valve or wait it out. OR is that a no no to try cleaning that way..
    thanks for what you do.


  4. kr4va says:

    sorry its a gas 4 cycl gas trubo, so re; intake valve cleanup.. does hard driving help clean up or prevent intake valve build up on gas engines,,, or do i wait for walnut blasting


    • We haven’t had any problems on the 4 cylinder gas engine with carbon build up on intake valves,,,there should be no need to perform walnut blasting,,,,it was only on the N54 and N55 6 cylinder that had problems.

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  5. kr4va says:

    thank you much – thats a relief thants worth another donation


  6. Eugene says:

    bmwtechnician, wanted to ask you for an advice. I have the US spec N47T engine (2018 328d). Almost since about 10K miles, the car has been running strange. 90% of the time, it idles great. But sometimes about 5 minutes into driving, the car will start having uneven idle. The tach needle will shake a little (about 20 rpm instability) and you can actually hear the uneven idle. When I connect the OBDII, it shows the RPM varying from 780 to 800, MAF does the same (ranges from 3 to 8). Normally, the car idles at 780 and MAF idles at 8 g/sec. Of course, I assume MAF variability is due to RPM variability. However, had car throw P049D and dealer replaced EGR valve. The car has 30K miles (50K km) but dealer cannot seem to diagnose this intermittent idle issue. Since EGR replacement, idle continues to to intermittently rough. Now, I started to monitor EGR commander to EGR Actual. EGR actual is always about 10% higher than EGR commander. EGR Error Percentage stays above 20% at all times, and when car starts to run rough, the EGR commander drops to low single digits, while EGR error rises to 99% and varies from 89 to 99%. Wanted to see what you’d recommend I check. This is the second EGR. Tested injectors – smooth running test passes. Testes O2 sensor, within allowable limits, passed. Any advice appreciated! Eugene

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    • Yes you did everything right I can see your post,,,I don’t know if you problem is with the EGR,,,but I was wondering has anyone cleaned the throttle body because they get really bad and junked up,,,,that could be a problem with the idle issue.


      • Eugene says:

        Thank you. No, the throttle body has not been cleaned. However what I did was disconnect EGR valve connector. Of course it threw drivetrain malfunction, max power unavailable error, and MIL light turned on. However, the car is running very smoothly. Of course, the MAF is now showing 14 g/sec instead of 8g/sec when idling and boost pressure is higher than commander boost pressure when it is usually a bit lower. I am still testing, but if car continues to be smooth, then EGR will be to blame. What is interesting is that this is the second EGR and same symptoms. Could something else be doing it besides EGR valve? Cooler has not been changed, maybe changing EGR cooler next as the culprit? Hope it is nothing electrical outside of EGR system.


      • I think your on the right track,,,,the MAF at 14g is where it should be 8G is to low,,,,the EGR cooler has been known to melt inside.


  7. Eugene says:

    BMWTechnician, I posted a comment on my EGR valve a moment ago, but don’t see it in comments thread. Wondering if I didn’t do something right? Would you be able to assist? I think I have rough idle associated with EGR system.

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  8. Joe says:

    If your EGR cooler fin is melted could that allow coolant into the crankcase and mix with oil


  9. auntulna says:

    Hi, I’ve got a 2104 535d USA spec N57 motor. It has two EGR coolers, is that right? Does the recall cover both? Have you seen many of these? What tends to fail? Thanks


    • Which recall are you talking about,,, there are 2 different recall on the diesel EGR,,,,and your car should only have 1 EGR cooler,,,the x3 and X5 had 2 EGR cooler for towing reasons


      • auntulna says:

        I haven’t removed things yet to see, but realoem for my VIN shows two,. The second is right next to the exhaust manifold, they call it exhaust gas cooler, not EGR cooler, but it looks like the same thing. Another place where exhaust and coolant are next to each other. There is also a 10 year warranty covering those. Maybe because mine is Xdrive sedan?


      • Yes because it’s X drive


  10. auntulna says:

    OK, so in the 2-3 years since you first posted about this, have you seen more come through for testing or removal? If so, is it usually the front cooler? Thank you.


  11. Rafael Tapia DelaPuente says:

    Hi, I have a European spec N57T 3.0 diesel engine. I have a slow loss of coolant at 40k Km. Suspecting the EGR valve since no apreciable loss anywhere else to be seen. Normally is it just the valve or the associated radiator the eventual culprit?? Local BMW will not honour recalls inmy country. Thanks in advance for your help.


  12. auntulna says:

    On my 2014 535d Xdrive, I had 10 year warranty coverage for emissions, dealer replaced 11718513693 today. This is the EGR cooler on the exhaust manifold side of the motor. Maybe not all versions have this cooler?


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