My little helper died

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13 Responses to My little helper died

  1. Christian Salcedo says:

    Sorry for that. Stay positive, we are going through some tough times but your industry will bounce back once thing go back to normal. Best of luck and thanks a lot for your contributions to all of us home DIYers!


  2. Luigi says:

    Sorry buddy..
    I am in London UK. Dark times right now only hope they don’t last too long hope you can work and be safe .
    Good luck to all of you…


  3. seabassf10 says:

    You’re a very talented man, and I have no doubt you will always be employed. Good luck in this tough times sir! Wish you the best for you and your family.

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  4. Niels says:

    Your candid contributions to us DIYers is much appreciated. Like others have said a tech with your talent should have no trouble finding another job if that is what is required. I certainly hope not. Be strong and thank you for your contributions and this forum. Hope you can keep up the good work.

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  5. kgambrah says:

    Hope you make it through. I really enjoy your posts.


  6. Omar says:

    Hey Brother.
    Love your blog. Not sure how to send you a private message but I manage a BMW shop in Los Angeles. If you need work. Message me.


  7. Julius says:

    How can I contact you? I found your blog this morning and have a question about my steering airbag connectors. They are the same type as your blog about the melted connectors and cages. I do not know how to safely remove them to change my steering wheel. The DIY vids on Youtube all have connectors with a tab to release/unlock the harness. If have the time and still monitor this blog contact me directly or maybe someone else has the same problem.


    • I’m sorry I don’t give out my phone number or email address,,,because once I do that for one person then I have to do it to everyone and I don’t want my phone ringing all the time,,,my goal for the blog was to get dealer info out to the public which needs help.


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