Coronavirus has shutdown work

It has just come to my noticed that are dealership has shut down due to the Coronavirus,,are dealership was hoping to stay open with a skeleton crew of technicians to help out are customer,,,,but with the pressure of the government and for the well being of his employees,,,,we have shut the doors,,,I will still try and answer some questions for you,,,I just don’t have access to BMW information or wiring diagrams at this time,,,I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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  1. Karim R says:

    Hello BMW Technician, first i would like to thank you in making this blog, it has been helpful and always a good read regarding repairs, issues and fixes on BMW’s, very much appreciated.

    I’m having issue with an F10 N20, with fault code 118002 (Air fuel mixture rich condition), rough idle on warm starts, slight hesitation at low rpm when accelerating, and sometimes rough shifting at low rpm. Other than that the car drives nicely at wide open throttle and no hesitation in mid to high rpm acceleration.

    In diagnosing this issue the following have been replaced:
    – New BOSCH MAF sensor. Old sensor had reading values was 22kg/h-24kg/h at 860rpm, which is considered out of range.
    – PCV Valve
    – Bosch Spark Plugs & Delphi coils
    – Vacuum Pump (changed it after reading your post, and yes oil was dripping from the vacuum hoses).

    Car currently has 53,000 miles and have been well maintained. Hoping you can provide further steps in rectifying this issue.

    Many thanks,


  2. Karim R says:

    I took a picture of the plugs, but i don’t think i can post here. I previously had issues with plugs on cylinder #2, that was fouled. Changed it out about a week ago when i changed the PCV (The one on the valve cover.

    All plugs seem ok now, nothing stands out in terms of how it looks.
    The center electrode are white with a very light hint of brown. They didn’t look wet at all. Cleaned them up with brush and reinstalled. Coil number 3 & 4 smelled like gasoline. Coil 1 & 2 just a slight smell of gasoline.

    Maybe a slightly clogged injector?


  3. nazaryakymivskyy says:

    I cleared check engine code its gone but when i check the O2 with ista bank 1 o2 heats up right away and goes in green zone but the bank 2 never heats up so it stays red. They changed the o2 and also wiring harness under warranty and still nothing helped it heat up and go into green zone. If you have a way i can post the picture to show you what i mean please let me know.

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  4. Alan L says:

    Hi. I’ve got an issue I’m struggling with any would certainly appreciate any suggestions. I have a 2012 X5 E70 N55 that’s having a fuel dilution problem. The engine was replaced 30K miles ago by BMW due to a knock (rod bearing?). Oil testing I did at that time wasn’t showing any fuel dilution problems.

    Last winter I found high fuel content in the oil. At the time I thought this might be due to a lot of short trips. But recently I’ve only used the vehicle mainly for long trips and am consistently finding about 2% fuel dilution in 2000 miles, typically over about 3 months.

    I read this may be related to leaking fuel injectors, but that this was more of an N54 issue than an N55. I pulled the plugs and none were showing any sign of fuel. Is there any better way to test for leaks, or should I just go ahead a replace the injectors to rule this out?

    What other ways the fuel can be getting into the oil? I understand the Bosch HPFP that mounts on the block can leak fuel, but this engine has the HPFP that mounts on the back of the vacuum pump. I understand it’s possibly due to a bad ring sealing, but is this likely? Any other thoughts? Thank you!


    • Ok this is going to be a process of elimination,,,you can start with the injectors and retest,,,,then the next thing would be the HPFP to be replaced,,,,question for you has any of these been replaced yet.,,,they might have replace the injectors when they replaced the engine,,,,if that the case maybe start with the HPFP first,,,,is is going to be a process,,,,we are dealing with a N20 right now at work which is doing the same thing and we don’t know what causing it.


      • Alan Ludwiszewski says:

        Thanks for the advice. I’m ready to replace the injectors, but am having trouble figuring out which injectors to use. I’ve pulled the part number off the current injectors, but there’s a service bulletin that says to use a different part.

        The work description on the invoice from the engine replacement says that the injectors/HPFP/fuel rail with lines were all transferred to the new engine. I can see what looks like a 0411 date code on the injectors, and the car’s an 05/11 build, so it seems reasonable that the current injectors are the original.

        Service bulletin SI B13 03 15 says that there are ETK Part Number errors with the injectors, so the proper injectors need to be determined by other methods. The March 2017 version of the bulletin says to read the number off the injectors, or if injectors have been changed and the wrong ones used, open up a PuMA case to get the proper part number. Then an April 2017 version of the bulletin says to use ISTA to determine if the injectors are EU5 or EU6 versions, and if they’re EU5, choose the injector part number based on the HPFP model (Continental or Bosch). I can’t run the ISTA test, but the current injectors are a EU5 part number. However the current injector part number is the one for use with the Bosch fuel pump, but the engine has a Continental HPFP.

        So do I stick with the current injector part number, or move to the one the bulletin recommends for use with the Continental pump? Normally I’d just stick with what’s in there, but could the fuel dilution issue be relate to the wrong injectors being used?
        Any thoughts on which way to go or how to get an answer from BMW on the right part to use? Thanks!


      • Ok,,,what I would due is stay with the EU 5 injectors because like you said stay with what you remove from the car.


  5. Karim R says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Coming back here to ask for your advice as my N20 F10 went into limp mode (drivetrain malfunction), scanned it with a generic scanner and 3 fault codes came up:

    118002 : Mixture control fuel-air mixture too rich (still troubleshooting this code as per my last message to you..)
    Causing Drivetrain Malfunction:
    130308 : Vanos Exhaust Control Fault, position not reached
    120408 : Charging Pressure control switch off as consequence

    Should i go ahead and replace the Vanos Solenoid or is it the Vanos Solenoid Valve that needs replacing. Is this anything related to timing chain failure? I believe changing the Vanos solenoid will require special tool and a trained mechanic correct?

    Many thanks again…



    • Ok,,,,you have 2 issues the running rich issue,,,,and the timing issue,,,,the charge pressure issue could be due to the Vanos fault,,,the vanos faults could be vanos solenoid or the valve hard to say without performing other test,,,it also could be a timing chain issue where it has stretched and it can’t reach limit,,,,so I would have the timing chain issue check and they can also run test on the vanos units.


      • Karim R says:

        Noted. We were able to clear the codes, but definitely will get everything checked out.



      • Karim R says:

        The car has been in the shop for 2 days and sure enough the timing chain rails have snapped in a few places. Funny how there was no whining noise or excessive rattling from the chain? The only symptoms was intermittent hesitation upon acceleration and the vanos exhaust fault.

        The chains have definitely stretched though not so much.


      • Yea the timing chain issue is a funny thing,,,sometime you get the whine noise,,,or vanos or oil pressure issues you never know what you get.


  6. Randall curry says:

    Hey bud I currently have a 2016 550i bmw I threw a jb4 on it it came up with these codes 1b5302 terminal15N_2 electrical short to ground p2092 A camshaft position actuator control circuit low bank 2 and p2094 B camshaft position actuator control circuit low bank 2 I took off the jb4 it threw a drive train malfunction car sounds fine though statists right up nothing seems to be wrong car sounds good runs good it’s just the 1b5032 code keeps popping up putting the car in limp mode should I replace the camshaft sensors cause they seem to be the culprit here what you think


    • You could give it a try and replace the camshaft sensor,,,but I think something else is going on because it a low circuit fault,,,which is telling me a voltage issue or damaged wiring or bad connection.


      • Randall Curry says:

        You don’t think what can be causing this before I take it to the dealership I m thinking it could also just be a fuse sense I didn’t bother to unplug the battery before I installed the jb4 seems I was to excited


      • You could check the fuses,,,but I don’t think there is a fuse for the camshaft sensors,,,the sensor sends a signal to the DME


  7. Randall Curry says:

    Which fuses should I check those ones in the glove box I’m puzzled a fuse woul put the car in limp mode?


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