Coronavirus has shutdown work

It has just come to my noticed that are dealership has shut down due to the Coronavirus,,are dealership was hoping to stay open with a skeleton crew of technicians to help out are customer,,,,but with the pressure of the government and for the well being of his employees,,,,we have shut the doors,,,I will still try and answer some questions for you,,,I just don’t have access to BMW information or wiring diagrams at this time,,,I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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18 Responses to Coronavirus has shutdown work

  1. Ryan M says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully you and and your family stay strong and healthy.


  2. Augie says:

    Always appreciate your efforts. Stay healthy!



    Sorry to hear you guys shut down. Be safe and I’ll say a prayer things go back to normal quickly.


  4. Randy St.Cyr says:

    Say home and stay safe.


  5. Jon Cal says:

    I work at a BMW indy shop in Los Angeles. The shop is not open to the public and only finishing cars that are here. I’m working reduced hours at the moment. Hoping to open back to the public on April 1st depending on what govt. officials say. LA City and LA County have declared Auto Mechanic shops essential to be open for business.

    On another note, I have a 2010 X5 4.8i N62 with a slight wobble on crankshaft pulley at idle but when revved up to 1500-2000rpms, the wobble is gone. No noise complaints. My tech thinks it’s normal but have no other N62 engine to compare it with. What do you think?



    I have two quick Question. 1. For Vanos solenoids is it normal to have a reading of postive on one side and a Negative reading from scan tool on other? 2. customer care package was done on N63, they stated the timing chain was fine. After given back once completed it now needs a crankshaft seal. Is this possible this failed after the package was completed? Now has check engine light and famous DTM limited power. Vanos are working fine. But does pop up bank 2 and sometimes uncontrollable vanos.


    • It looks like you have more than two quick questions,,,,lol,,,yes normal readings on vanos solenoids,,,,no the crankshaft seal didn’t fail because of the customer care package was performed and it probably just failed because of age and worn out,,,how do you know the vanos unit are ok,,,it could be vanos units or vanos solenoid,,,it hard to say without any BMW codes


      • Michael Wilson says:

        Vanos was tested at dealer and they stated Vanos is working properly. I have only changed the two solenoid on drivers side, but not on passenger side. It’s amazing to me that now after package was completed I have an oil leak, a check engine light, and DTM light. Before I didnt have any symptoms except for the occasional smoke out tail pipe and i had to fill with oil. Thank you for your advice.


      • The problem is the fault said bank 2 which is the drivers side,,,you said the vanos solenoids were already replaced which is good,,,also the dealer tested the vanos unit and they said they are ok,,,now here comes the problem that test is crap,,,,when we run that test almost 90% of the time it says the vanos units are ok,,,the test will advance the vanos units and checks the degrees of advance,,,the problem when driving is that they advance and retard timing it only take one time that they bind or get stiff and it throws a fault,,,,,I’m not saying that’s the problem,,,but that vanos test is not always the answer,,,,good luck


      • Michael Wilson says:

        Thank you so Much, your awesome. Keep up the great work.


  7. Craig Lenord says:

    I am sorry to hear that your shop has shut down. I hope you are doing fine sir. I was wondering if you knew if on the n20 engine you could replace the cam cap from a donor’s head or order new caps? if not could I polish them or try to repair them?
    thank you and have a great day


    • Now swapping and no new ones,,,they are machined to each cylinder head,,,,and yes you can polish them very slightly and try and clean them up,,,,I seen it done,,,try not to take any material of because that could cause a problem.,,,good luck


  8. nankiboparai says:

    Always appreciate you knowledge sharing and information.
    Stay Safe.
    Thank you and Good Wishes.


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