Here’s a little  back ground about me,,,I’ve been a German car technician now for 31 years now.I had a family owned German car repair shop for 17 years,,We worked on Mercedes,Porsche and BMW .back in the 1980’s it was kind of normal to work on 3 type of cars,,,,all the German cars we very closely built the same,,,,they all had Bosch fuel injection and ignition systems,,,,but over the years that all started to change,,,,, I then removed myself from the family business and moved on to the R/V business.,,,where I was promised the world by a friend if I came to work for him,,,,Big mistake in my life,,,but learned a lot about the diesel R/V motor homes.,,,,During the R/V years I never stopped working on German cars for old customers or old friends cars.,,,,I was always playing around with German cars,,,,,and I personally drove a old 1984 528e  5 speed trans that I put over 300k miles on before the odometer stopped working,,,,,it still had the original engine and transmission and rear differential in the car,,,,the engine finally was burning to much oil to fix,,,,,I loved that car,,,,good gas mileage and a solid car on the road,,,,After 4yrs working and being shop foreman at the R/V shop.,,,,,I got a call from a friend at my local BMW dealership,,,,they wanted me to work for them,,,,,so I moved back to the BMW dealership,,,, .Where my heart belonged with German cars.,,,,,Where I became a BMW master technician.,,,,I’ve decided to show you the life and the different types of  jobs we do and see everyday working on BMW .

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  1. Sal says:

    2011 535i xdrive F10 N55
    Car jerks and feels like it’s jumping once i put it in drive without accelerating.
    New sparks, fresh oil/filter. Was like this even before the sparks, and oil change.
    Any suggestions please ?

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  2. SAL NOUR says:

    Everything seems to work fine, also no fuel smell comes out back. I’ll change the coils and see if gets better.


  3. bigsausage9 says:

    I have a 2016 f85. Suddenly while driving the dash lit up with a front right headlight error. The headlight and blink then went out. Got these 3 errors.

    Adaptive headlight malfinction
    Lighting System: Front right malfunction
    Heaadlamp vertical aim control.

    So i took the bumper off and swapped the headlights. The issue stayed on the right side (passengers side). Meaning the problem is with a module or the wiring on the right side of the car not anything in or attached to the headlight. Both headlights work perfectly when plugged into the right side. Is there anything i can check to fix this issue? Any part i can replace? I’m at a loss and no one has been able to help.

    Fault Code: 8041B6
    Fault Explanation: :Headlight range adjustment (LWR): A real system
    Fault Code: 8041BA
    Fault Explanation: :Adaptive headlights (AHL) system is defective
    Fault Code: D90D32
    Fault Explanation: :Driver module headlights (TMS) right: Missing LIN slave
    Fault Code: D91DE6
    Fault Explanation: :CAN message, status light outside front electronics one law (ST LP EX FE 1 RH): Timeout
    Fault Code: D91DFD
    Fault Explanation: :CAN message, status light outside front electronics 2 law (ST LP EX FE 2 RH): Timeout


    • So let me get this straight,,,you said you swapped headlights and the problem stayed on the right side,,,,then you said they both worked perfectly on the right side,,,I think you mean left side,,,,,,ok when you swapped headlight so the left headlight on the right side was not working correct,,,,,and the right side headlight was working on the left side correct,,,,so has the car been in accident on the right side?,,,,see both headlight have a module bolted from the back,,,usually the problem is the headlight module which bolt in from the back of the headlight,,,,we don’t see wiring damage on those cars,,,,maybe the FRM module,,,,,but you should have fault in the FRM which you don’t,,,,do me a favor remove headlight module from right headlight and make sure there is no corrosion on the connectors


  4. Quan says:

    Hi there BMW tech,
    Great blog mate!! Thanks a lot!!! Could you please take a look below?
    2009 BMW X5 E70 N52 engine.
    Two issues here:
    1. Every time when I start the car, the car has the whistling sound for 10 seconds then the sound is gone.
    2. Almost everytime when I park the car uphill(car head is higher than the car end) for over 1 hour, it will have Very Loud whistling sound when I start the car. Different from the above, the sound won’t go away unless I stop the car/engine and restart it again.

    Thanks a lot!!!



    • I think both of the problem are the same issue,,,,what I need you to do is when the whistling noise happens keep the engine running and open the front hood and try and open the oil cap while the engine is running and see if the whistling noise goes away when you open the oil cap,,,if the noise goes away then your problem is the valve cover is bad causing to much engine vacuum,,,I hope this helps


  5. Sharon Dale says:

    Andreas. I have a 2014 X1. Just had timing chain replaced. BMW dealer did repair and BMW covered it because the vehicle had only 65K miles. All good. Question for you: Do I hang on to vehicle for long haul? Is the new chain gonna fail? My last BMW 3 series lasted 227k miles!


  6. Shane says:

    i also have a 2014 x1 but 102K miles found issue with timing chain guide while replacing valve cover due to crack. performing work myself. Question where does the locking pin get inserted to into dowel hole and secure crankshaft?


  7. Nitrox says:

    Hello. I have a F30 328i from 2012 with auto transmission.
    I got to adjust my hand brake since new brake.
    So with auto transmission I put N with engine start, and I found that when I jack the car, the wheel is spinning..(not fast and easily stoppable by hand..). I saw this on the left side, but not on the right because I turn off the engine between left and right.
    So is it normal? I think maybe torque converter is just reduced but not stopped?
    Hard to tell at my level of knowledge. It’s my first automatic.
    Other thing happen to me 2 time: I was parked on a little hill, put the car in neutral + handbrake and I got to move the car by inch so I just let it go in the hill, and basically when I try to leave I put in D and the car immediately put P like it’s in default but the car said nothing. The only way to resolve this was to totally stop and restart the engine and it work like a charm again.
    I was thinking maybe it’s a protection for the transmission but I don’t know.
    Let’s hope these 2 things are “normal” but I cant find anything on forum (i am French and French community is not as big as English..)
    Thank you !


    • Yes both of these things are normal,,,question you should put the car in P when parking not into neutral,,,when putting car in P that will help the car stay in one place and it also helps the brakes when parking on a hill,,,also the car is supposed to start in park every time not in neutral


      • Nitrox says:

        Thank you for your quick answer !
        Yeah you’re right I use P in most case (and after stopping ignition the car go in P automatically).
        But I just use N when need to lift the car if I need to turn the rear wheel..
        what is the official way to do a handbrake adjustment with automatic trans? I search on ISTA but not difference is made between manual and auto..


      • There really is no need to adjust the handbrake,,,,it’s not like the old cars,,,the handbrake is self adjusting,,,,you could adjust the rear parking brake shoes,,,,but that also is no need to adjust unless someone drove with the parking brake on.


  8. Alan says:

    Hi there mate!

    I’ve got an E83 X3 07 M57TU2…..

    Transmission is hanging in first and in other gears especially when cold. Shifts are just a bit clunky from that I would think is normal.

    She’s got nearly 80,000km on the clock. What’s your opinion on a trans fluid and filter change?

    Make it worse or should i try it?



  9. Eric says:

    What is your opinion about the N63TU engine? I m looking at a 2017. Has BMW addressed the issues with this engine?


  10. Andy Deneyer says:

    I have a problem, tried almost everything i know, had some help from others to, but nobody know the problem.

    I have an F34 froilm 2014 with adaptive bi xeon, i did a retrofit to adaptive led. Changed the wiring, changed the date to 1116, removed 522 and 524 and added 552, then coded the FEM REM and both FLE’s.

    The proble the headllights work for 75%, the low beam, high beam, turn signal, and vertical aim are working

    The drl dont work, in the car i have drl defect (but the faults constant disapear and comes back immediatlly)

    The adaptive function only works for 50%, when you turn to right the left and right headlight go to right, but when you turn left nothing happens

    There are 4 faults i get when its read by ista

    8059A1 FLE02_L: Classification resistor 3 invalid
    8059A7 NTC 3: Line break, temperature sensor
    805CBC Daytime driving lights: open circuit
    805E3C Daytime driving lights: open circuit

    You have any idea what the cause is? Cause i dont have a clue any more


    • This is something we do not deal with at the dealer,,,I have seen some people try this but not one person that I know of has had success,,,I see a couple of problems the open circuit faults,,,,do you have a bad connection or bad ground,,,,also the line break for temp sensor also bad connection?,,,,,I’m not very much help,,,,you are getting into unknown territory.


      • Andy Deneyer says:

        no cause the ground wire stayed the same as on the adaptive bixenon, i rechecked the wiring 3 times i have ground, lin and 49VL/R that stayed the same as on bi xenon, i only needed to add Left 12v to rear fuse box and right 12V to front fuse box and then KCAN2 H and L witch goes from left head to right and from there to the nbt controller Kcan2 wires.

        So everything is connected according to bmw scematics


      • Then it might be a programming issue or something in the vehicle order might be wrong


      • Andy Deneyer says:

        i removed 522 and 524 from order and added 552 witch i coded to FEM REM and both FLE, dont think that any other mudules have to be coded.

        I dont understand why the drl dont work but the high low beam, turn signal, and vertical aim do.


      • Have you been able to see if power is being sent down the signal wire for the dry lights,,,,you aren’t missing any special module for the LED headlights are you.


      • Andy Deneyer says:

        there is no wire for drl, they are adaptive led light, the signal is send by the kcan2 or lin, but those send the signals for each function of the light?

        They are nlot like adaptive bi xenon where you have a wire for drl, high beam, adaptive, …


      • You can still see if a signal is being sent


  11. all4bigal says:

    Hello! I have a 2014 550xi with n63tu engine 103k miles. No fault codes, but I’ve been noticing some slightly poor idle and poor off idle performance (poor response and some shuddering). Also some shuddering when braking for a traffic light. In checking my long term fuel trims at idle, bank 1 is -18% and bank 2 is 0-3%. Both banks LTFT are at or around 0% above 1500-2000 RPM. So far I’ve smoke tested (replaced inlet turbo gaskets as a result), compression tested OK, swapped MAF’s (no change), swapped primary O2’s (no change and they looked normal), swapped coils (no change), pulled and checked all plugs (no fuel on plugs, gaps good, condition good). The only other bit of information I can add is that the measured air is slightly lower in bank 1 than bank 2. I don’t recall the g/s, but I can get it if needed. Bank 1 was about 10-20% lower g/s than bank 2… I imagine fuel injectors could be a problem, but should I be considering carbon buildup or cat issues? Please help point me in the right direction… If injectors are most likely I’ll send it over to the dealer since coverage has been extended on them.



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