F15 X5 steering column squeeking

 Ok I jumped the gun and already took off the steering wheel,airbag and turn signal clock spring assemble,,,,F15 steering column squeeking  when adjusting up or down,,,,I first tried to lube the plastic guide rails but that didn’t work ,,,,so the next fix is to replace the steering column. This is a pretty basic steering column,,,,the coupler under the dash by the brake pedal has to be removed. Then there are 4 bolts holding the steering column in place,,,2 on top by the steering wheel and 2 down below by the brake pedal ,,,,just unbolt and only 1 electrical plug to disconnect,,,,then you just pull the steering column straight out from under the dash. Here the shines new steering column ,,,,that should not squeek. Here you can see the 2 worm gear motors to move the column up or down and in and out,,,,once you replace the steering column,,,,you have to calibrate steering angle sensor and then you have to calibrate the steering column,,,,yes that’s correct calibrate steering column so it knows what position it is at.

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CON controller replacement

 Time to replace the CON controller with touch pad,,,X5 this is not your typical just pry and lift out the wood panels. You have to take off both side panels to gain access to hidden screws which hold the wood grain panel in place. Once you have the screws removed on the drivers side then you can lift up the wood panel to find some more hidden screws. The screw from the previous and this hidden screw is to remove the leather panel where the controller is in. Once you have these screws out now you can lift out the leather panel for the controller,,,,but you have to unhook it from the front by the cup holders,,,,you actually have to push the panel down to release this hook. Now you have this whole panel remove,,,,now you can unbolt the controller from the bottom. Now when you get the new one it fits other cars,,,,it comes with that plastic trim on the controller,,,but on this vehicle you don’t need it,,,,so you have to snap it off the new controller so it fits,,,then you have to program and encode the controller to the vehicle.

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F10 rear electric parking brake motors

 I know some of you may have seen this picture before,,,,well I have another customer who doesn’t know how to put on snow chains,,,but this time it did more damage the usual,,,,F10 rear brake damage. This time it cracked the parking brake motor which bolt onto the rear bake calipers ,,,,you can see part of the housing is cracked right where that electrical plug connects too. This is the  other side of the electric motor which bolts on to the rear brake caliper,,,,you can see the gear which turns the caliper . This is the back side of the rear brake caliper ,,,,you can see where the gear goes into the brake caliper ,,,,this is all sealed no brake fluid lose,,,,no calibration needed for the motors,,,,they are straight bolt on and plug in.

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X6 drivers seat cover

 X6 seat stitching coming apart,,,,,there no sign of customers butt rubbing against it causing the problem,,,,this is a manufacturing problem. So the whole seat has to come out and replace the seat leather cover. This is a picture of the rear seat cover,,,,the rear seat cover is clipped in on top and hooked in on the bottom. This is the side bolster airbag in the drivers seat,,,,it is sandwiched between some material that is sewn into the seat cover. This is the whole side bolster airbag removed from the seat material,,,,I had to swap it over to the new seat cover. Here the front of the seat with the seat cover and seat foam removed,,,,you can see the two seat lumbar bags.

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old school steering angle sensor

 Sorry the pictures kind of suck under the dash,,,,this is a picture of the old and one of the first steering angle sensors on a X3,,,,it’s that little black box which the steering column shaft goes though.,,,,you have to remove that white plastic ring from that washer. This picture is from under the car next to the fire wall,,,,this is where the steering shaft comes out,,,,you have to unbolt that universal joint. You will have to unbolt the brake pedal switch and bracket ,,,,that will give you more room to work and to remove the steering angle sensor. Here I have pulled the steering shaft into the steering column ,,,,you can see the white plastic ring and washer slide down the shaft,,,,now you see that big plastic white sleeve,,,,you have to also remove that,,,,maybe use some pliers to pull off,,,,but don’t damage the the plastic whith the plier teeth digging into the plastic sleeve. Here you can see me now pulling the steering angle sensor,,,,I know the pictures suck,,,,but on the steering angle sensor there is a centering pin that sensor has to line up on when replacing,,,,also there are some plastic tabs that have to be squeezed to release the sensor,,,and those plastic tabs have to be aligned with the new steering angle sensor,,,,I wish I could get pictures buts it hard upside down and backwards,,,,lol,,,,,this is not a fun job on you back the hole time,,,,once you are done you still have to program the sensor and calibrate the sensor.

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VTG motor rebuilt

 Ok all you X drive owners,,,,you all probably know what this is,,,,it’s a VTG motor that bolts on to the 4×4 transfer case,,,,well BMW now have a rebuilt it only for some models,,,,early x3 and x5 models. Here all the parts in the kit which are needed,,,this is pretty simple and straight forward repair. Here I already pried off the metal plate cover with the built in seal,,,,you can see it stating on the side,,,,to remove the cover there are some metal that was rolled over to secure the cover in place,,,you just take a small punch and push the metal back and then use a small pocket rew drive and remove the metal cover,,,then unbolt the motor with the worm gear,,,,don’t worry about any bushes for the motor,,,they are held in place. Sorry I found another picture,,,you drill a small hole though the plate and then take some pliers and pull off the plate. Ok now we are inside,,,,remove the C clip can be a pain,,,use a small pick or pocket screw drive,,,,the kit come with a new one don’t worry about damaging the old one.  Gear removed and bolted motor back on,,,put some grease on the worm gear. Here the damaged gear all stripped out. The gear set on the right side is the new ones put together,,,,the two on the left are the old one taken apart,,,,now just put it all back together in reverse order,,,,,when putting on the metal cover with the seal built on,,,,you can put some silicone on it to help seal it in place,,,,you might have to press the cover back on so it snaps back into place,,,a vise will also work,,,,you you put the rebuilt VTG motor back on you will have to reset the VTG motor setting.

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F02 side seat lumber noise

 I know what the hell is this,,,the is a F2 740 and the rear of the drivers seat,,,customer said the sides of the seat makes a noise,,,,we found out the side lumber motors make a noise rubbing against the leather,,,,so what you see is the lumber motor on the right side of the seat. Here a look at the left side with the motor removed,,,,the motors are pop riveted in place into the seat frame. Here’s a better look at the side lumber motor,,,,you can see the screw that turns and pushes or retracts the lumber arm.

 Here the other side after I flipped it over,,,this is not a common problem,,,,I think this problem happens more often with very over weight people,,,,,this owner was a big guy.

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