F82 M4 reverse bulb socket

 Ok here’s  a little annoying bulb sockets,reverseproblem on a M4,,,the reverse light going out,,,,when you remove the bulb socket you will find it damaged and broken. This is what happens when you take the reverse bulb sockets out,,,you can see the metal contacts for the sockets came apart,,,,also the bulbs get burnt out because of the bad contacts,,,,so BMW has redesigned them with better bulb sockets and new bulbs.

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X5 E70 SCR active tank

 I know this is a crappy picture,,,,I don’t talk about BMW diesel enough,,,,so here we go,,,,this is a picture of a E70 left front lower bumper grill removed,,,,that is the SCR active tank,,,,customer came in with check engine light on,,,,fault was SCR temp senor incorrect ,,,,the SCR no temp sensor should be about the same as the ambient temp sensor,,,,that’s wasn’t the case here the SCR tank temp sensor was reading -4C while the ambient temp sensor was reading 26C,,,,big difference. You can not just replace temp sensor,,,,you have to replace the whole tank which comes with a new temp sensor,,,,You will have to removed the left front tire and wheel well liner to gain access to the SCR tank,,,,you can see the big metal bracket which holds it in place,,,,you first have to disconnect all the electrical connectors and hoses from the front bumper grill access opening and from the rear wheel well access ,,,,you will remove the tank and bracket both together.,,,,then you can swap over the bracket on to the new tank. Here’s the new tank,,,,now that white thing on top of the tank will have to be swapped over also,,,,that is the SCR pump which pumps the fluid from the tank into the exhaust system.,,,once you complete the replacement just fill up the tank with new diesel fluid,,,,good news no programming or calibration needed.,,,just old school change the part.

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F01 chassis malfunction

 So this is a picture of the air pump on a F01,,,,which is located behind the rear bumper between the 2 exhaust mufflers,,,customer said the chassis malfunction light came on,,,,I checked faults found faults for left rear EHC shock timed control,,,,,,,I was able to activate the air pump,,,,so I knew the fuse,relay,and air pump were all ok,,,,,I checked the left rear EHC shock checked out ok and all connections were good. So during inspection I noticed someone had been at the rear of car already,,,,so I was checking all the lines for any damages or problems,,,,,do you guys see the problem in the picture,,,take at look at the blue and red air lines,,,,do you see it now. Here’s the problem,,,,the air line to the left rear EHC shock is pinched,,,,I talked to the customer and the car just came from the body shop from rear end repairs,,,,they took off the rear bumper and rear bumper support bracket for repairs and pinched the air line while putting the car back together,,,,,this as a waste of time for me,,,,no money made,,,,car going back to the body shop.

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E70 rear harness damage

Ouch,,,,,,this is what could happen if you don’t listen to your BMW tech,,,,,lol,,,,,I told the customer his rear tires on a E70 steel was showing and declined rear tires,,,,,2 weeks later the left rear tire blow out and damaged the wiring harness for the EHC shock ,wheel speed sensor,level sensor and the wheel well liner. Had to replace the left rear shock because the harness for shock were damaged,,,,you just have to remove the 3 nuts inside the rear storage compartment and the 1 lower shock bolt. Here the new shock comes complete,,,,when replacing this shock you have to encode it because it is a module,,,,,also you have to calibrate the ride height .

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Instrument cluster F30

 Yea a beautiful instrument cluster,,,,big deal right,,,,it is when we are finding out that some of these instrument cluster are causing problems,,,,,this one came out of a F30,,,,the customer complained about battery warning light come on the I-drive when the car is off. What we are finding out that there is wake up line that keeps waking up  when the car falls asleep,,,,we are finding this fault Driver KL15 WUP,,,,which is KL 15 wake up line,,,,there are many wake up lines on this vehicle,,,,but we found out the wake up line from the instrument cluster is not shutting down,,,,,we have noticed this on several different vehicles like the F10,,,,it looks like we are having problems with instrument cluster right now.

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Cool floor mat

 This was interesting,,,noticed this on a X6 M,,,,this car had a lot of aftermarket  custom parts,,,these floor mats where pretty cool I think,,,,,something different these custom floor mats completely covered the whole floor. Even the rear seating area was completely covered,,,I guess clean up would pretty easy,,,just wipe it up,,,,the only problem is the white stitching would get dirty over a period of time.

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G30 road damage

 Not good news on a new G30 5 series,,,,,customer was driving on the freeway and ran over something causing some damage. It tore the lower bottom panel and then hit and pulled the 2 battery cables which run under the car from the battery all the way to the front inside the engine bay,,,,this is going to be a fun job,,,,the battery cables go around the fuel tank and over the rear subframe.

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