Z4 road hazard

 This is not what you want to happen on the freeway  and no where to pull over. The transmission had no fluid left of course,,, so I decided to check for faults,,,found a fault for clutch pack A ,,,,looks like the customer drove to far with no tran fluid killing the trans.,,,time for car insurance to pay for it.

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X6M bad news

   Ok this is bad news,,,X6 M engine came in not running good,,,,vanos issue on bank 1,,,,engine wasn’t taken care,,,the engine had a lot of oil leaks and coolant leaks,,,,valve stem seals leaking really bad,,,,also when you started the engine you would hear a load rattle noise coming from the engine like a chain rattle noise,,,,the noise would come and go,,,,well bad news is the right side timing chain rail broke and caused the timing chain to jump timing causing the valves to hit the Pistons and bend and break causing major damage.

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Oil pressure and oil temp sensor

 Check engine light came on a N20  saying engine temperature faulty,,,,checked connection ok,,,the sensor is located under the intake manifold you remove the intake pipe and throttle housing to gain access.  Here is the old and new sensor,,,this sensor does oil pressure and oil temperature ,,,we see this sensor good bad once and awhile.

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blower motor wiring recall

 This is pretty bad,,,this is burnt and damaged blower motor harness,,,,this what we see while repairing the blower motor harness for the recalled,,,usually we just see the harness slightly burnt,,,we don’t see the harness completely damaged. This is the brown ground wiring which burnt completely out of the connector,,,this customer is lucky the car didn’t catch on fire,,,,,so come on in and get that recall fixed

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E38 with S62 engine

 Yes your eye sight is ok,,,,this is a E38 with a S62 engine installed,,,this engine swap looks factory from top and bottom also the 6 speed trans is installed. I was called in on this car,,,,the customer is having a hard time with California smog laws,,,,the smog referee is asking for a lot of info on the engine swap,,,the engine and trans swap was performed somewhere in Florida,,,,the person who performed the engine swap also burned in the VIN number into the S62 DME ,,,,usually when someone performs a engine swap the DME has the old cars VIN number still in the DME ,,,,the front suspension was updated and modified with stronger sway bar to support the extra weight.

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ZF 8 speed transmission

    Here are some picture of a transmission leak on a ZF 8 speed which is very rare,,,,we don’t see this to offen anymore not like the older transmission where the mechtronic sleeve would leak all the time. So what I had to do was clean the transmission pan and then we spray it with this leak detector spray,,,,you see all that white stuff is the leak detector,,,,then I ran the engine for about 30 minute and this is what I found,,,you can see where the leak is coming from,,,pretty cool stuff make my job easier.

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B48 starter motor

 Here the location of the starter motor on the new B48 engine,,,,,this is as easy as it comes,,,,this is located at the very bottom of the engine,,,,all you have is 3 bolts holding in place and only 2 cables to remove from the starter,,,,just disconnect the battery please,,,,on PHEV please disconnect the special battery for the starter motor only which should be located inside the engine compartment  inside a covered box. This is the flywheel after the starter is removed,,,,now you can check the flywheel teeth are ok,,,,the problem is turning the flywheel to check all the teeth,,,,on the B48 its not easy to get to the front pulley to turn the motor.

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