G01 X3 fuel routing bulletin

 This is a new bulletin for the new G01 X3 bulletin 13 01 18,,,,we have to check the fuel line routing this is the correct routing,,,,the braided hose is the fuel hose

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E90 pcv valve heater recall

 Ok I know this recall has been out for awhile, the PCV valve heater recall well the dealer are just starting to get the new updated parts finally,,,,the PCV valve here pictured sit right in the middle of the intake manifold on the  inside next to the engine block,,,you have to remove the air filter box the drive belt and the alternator,,,,so you can reach around and remove the torque screws. Here is the new updated PCV heater valve , there is no visible different with the old and new,,,interesting thing BMW doesn’t want us to put any grease or spray on the o-ring seal when installing the new part due to the heat of the PCV valve heater.

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Custom BMW motorcycle

 Went to the Peterson car museum this last weekend to check out the Porsche exhibits and they had some custom motorcycle ,,,,I noticed this BMW and how he put the front kidney grills in the front,,,pretty cool ride.

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Cheap fix

 Sometime I see some strange things and some cheap people,,,,and he wonders why his car has the check engine light on car running lean,,,next time maybe he could tape it with electrical tape like everyone else,,,,,lol

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F30 EME machine

 Here is the EME machine on a F30 330E,,,,the car came in with check engine light on the fault was EME temp sensor short circuit no signal,,,performed the test plan and submitted a puma case to see if they see anything on there side.,,,the  EME is located under the car behind the drivers and in front of the left rear tire area. So I checked out the temp sensor which is located on top of the transmission,,,,the sensor connection and readings checked out ok,,,,so puma wanted me to replace the EME,,,,this picture is the old EME removed with coolant hoses and mounting brackets,,,,,removing and working on these high voltage cars are always scary,,,,the whole procedure shutting down the high voltage and also making sure not to damage any orange connector or harness could cause major harm when you activate the high voltage,,,,we don’t need any high voltage short circuits.

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Never seen before

 I have never seen this before,,,,I guess when you can’t take off the old front hood emblem,,,,you just glue the new one on top,,,,,lol

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N47 diesel quality control valve

 I know this picture sucks but down there is the High pressure pump for the N47 Diesel engine ,,,,,the pump is located under the intake manifold and at the rear of the engine,,,,the car came in with check engine light on injector cut off cylinder 1,,,,so we have to submit a Puma case to release fuel injectors. So Puma wanted me to remove the quality control valve on the high pressure fuel pump,,,,the valve is bolted on the side of the pump with 2 bolts nothing fancy just difficult to get to. What they wanted to see if the screen was clean of any metal pieces,,,,as you can see it was clean,,,Puma wanted to make sure the high pressure pump was not coming apart,,,,so since everything was clean they had me replace the injector.

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