F25 X3 stick shift

 I know just a stupid picture of a BMW ,,,,well this was somethings we don’t see in the States,,,,,F25 X3 stick shift with a N20 engine,,,,,this car was bought in Spain and shipped over to the States,,,,notice the cloth interior. Nothing different on the door panel just cloth,,,,no leather in this car,,,,ok now for driving this car,,,I’m a stick shift type of guy,,,,this car was fun and easy to drive in a stick,,,the clutch pedal and stick shift were so easy to operate ,,,,the N20 engine revved smoothly and effortlessly,,,the car had plenty of power,,,the main thing I noticed is the car was really quiet inside while driving,,,,this car is more quiet then a automatic trans car,,,,I really can’t explain it,,,,this car was quiet and a smooth and fun to drive.

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Rear crankshaft sensor ring

 This is a picture of the rear crankshaft on a N55,,,,the reason I’m point it out is there is actual a ring that goes around the rear of the crankshaft,,,that ring is magnet and what it does  is help tell the DME where top died center is,,,,,you can see the black sensor on top which gets its reading off the magnet ring. Here the ring removed from the rear crankshaft,,,,now this gets sandwiched between the rear crankshaft flange and the flywheel. Now this is the important part this grey edge is where the magnet is,,,,,do not damage this edge,,,do not clean it with carb or brake cleaner because it will damage it,,,,do not forget to put it back on the engine because it will not start without it,,,,I have this happen many times when replacing a new engine.,,,,this little thing can ruin your day if you damage it of forget to put it back on the motor.

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X1 F48 side mirror

. Ok bran new X1 F48 side mirror was damaged by the customer,,,,so this is a new door panel for me,,,,the good news you don’t have to remove the whole door panel to remove the side mirror,,,,here you can see you pop off the little speaker tweeter and door lock switch together. Behind that cover is a hidden screw,,,,which you better remove or you will never be able to un lip the door panel.,,,once you remove this screw then you can pop off the left top corner of the door panel. I know repeat picture.,,,,Once you pop off the door panel from the top,,,,the triangle plastic trim cover which goes around the door frame just un lips off,,,,,there will be 3 torque screws that hold the side mirror on the door. Here the side mirror removed and the side mirror glass popped off all the same like old cars,,,,the bottom corner is the side camera,,,,if you ever have to remove the camera you will have to remove the whole side mirror anyway,,,,because you have to disable the side mirror covers and motor to gain access to remove the camera. You can see the camera removed and the back mirror cover is also removed,,,,if you replace the camera they have to be calibrated

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accident car

     Came to work this morning and this was dropped off at the dealer first thing,,,,,just waiting for the body shop ,,,,this really doesn’t look to good,,,,this could be a total”

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N20 engine mount

 I hope everyone had a safe July 4,,,,here’s  a picture of N20 engine mounts from a F10,,,,the problem was the customer said the car was running rough,,,,the rough running got worse when you shifted it back into park,,,,in drive you could still notice it but not as bad when it was in park,,,,I checked out the engine mounts and found the passengers side mount was collapsed,,,,you can see the new mount on the left side is taller then the old one. Here the new engine mount is installed,,,,you can see a gap between the engine mount and mount support bracket,,,,you can see the 4 black marks where the old collapsed engine mount was hitting the mount support bracket,,,,can you do this repair at home yes you can,,,,when replacing the passengers side you have to support the engine and remove the engine support bracket at the same time,,,,,,the drivers side is a lot harder to replace .

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S63 intake venting system

I thought this was kind of cool,,,this is a S63 on a X5 M,,,,I had the intake filters and airbox off and was running the engine and you can see the vent hose venting back into the intake system.

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N20 and N26 timing chain parts list

 Ok some of you have been asking about what parts are needed to replace the timing chain and oil pump chain list,,,,here is a parts list for the N20 and N26 engine,,,you still might need some more parts like valve cover gasket and oil pan gasket.,,,I hope this helps

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