Hybrid battery program

Ok so of you with the new Hybrid May get a notice for battery software update,,,,this battery is for starter motor operation ,,,this little grey box is what we hook up to the battery and it programs the batterythe battery is usually somewhere inside the engine compartment,,,,this one on a X5 is under the windshield area,,,,you can also see there is a electrical connector on the side of the battery for programming.

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X1 with B48 engine

Ok this was interesting,,,car came in 2018 X1 with a B48 engine,,,check engine light was on misfire cylinder 1,,,checked and swapped spark plugs and ignition coils,,,no luck,,,,swap out fuel injector still misfire,,,car wouldn’t misfire fire at idle only misfired while driving,,,performed compression test good,,,checked ohm checked harness from DME to injectors and ignition coils,,,,harness and signals were good,,,,what the hell is going on with this piece of shit,,,lol,,,,,everything checked out ok.Well the next step was to remove the valve cover maybe a problem with the camshaft,,,what I found was camshaft bearing cap bolt was broken,,,,could not find the other half of the bolt,,,,you can see what it should look like,,,,so at idle the camshaft was sitting ok but when you revel the engine the camshaft was probably walking and would cause a misfire,,,,BMW want us to replace all the camshaft bearing cap bolts and test drive and hopefully everything will be ok.

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G05 X5 DSC unit

New X5 came in for a stupid software update,,,well after the software update the DSC unit crashed,,,tried to reset it a couple of times but it didn’t happen,,,one of the big problem is that the car was undriveable because the DSC locked all 4 wheels.So the fun thing now is that the DSC unit is part of the brake master cylinder,,,,not like before where the DSC was a separate unit,,,so now you get a new brake master cylinder with a DSC.

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S55 intercooler leaking

Ok here I have the intercooler removed on a S55 engine,,,,the customer complained that’s he is losing coolant for intercooler ,,,so I pressure tested the cooling system and found the intercooler is leaking internally.Here a picture inside the intercooler,,,you can see some coolant condensation on the walls of the cooler.

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Scary drive

This was scary a F30 ,,,,,customer said the car got into a slight accident hit the curb and the insurance company fixed it,,,,they replaced the left front tire and wheel and had the car aligned and told the customer the car was fixed,,,customer took the vehicle and said it drives funny and making turns do not feel right,,,,I get the car and removed the lower engine panel and this is staring at me the EPS steering rack cracked in two,,,,lol,,,the insurance company had to buy a complete steering rack and eat the core charge because the old steering rack was not reuse able,,,,I can’t believe the guy the aligned the car didn’t see this or feel it when he drove it,,,,maybe he didn’t drive it after he aligned it.

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New Z4

Here a little video of the new Z4,,,,let me know what you think.

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N20 -N26 timing chain 7/70 list

Here is the list of cars that have the 7/70 timing chain extension

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