BMW emblem crooked

 Another stupid thing I saw,,,,I don’t know how this happens,,,the front hood has 2 centering pins for the emblem,,,,I know the car was hit in the front but I don’t recommend this body shop,,,,lol

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Turbo blade chip

 Here something we saw while replacing an N63 engine,,,,I was just removing the turbos and checked the propeller blades and noticed a chipped blade,,,the car had no faults or any turbo noises

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F15 X5 fuel door pot

 Ok I screwed up with the pictures order,,,,here I’m putting in a new fuel door pot which comes with a new fuel door actuator on a F15 X5 ,,,,when you replace the fuel door lock actuator you’re place the whole thing,,,,,now here comes the stupid part. So you see this little detent,,,,there is four of these one in each corner,,,,so you push these out so you can release the tabs and remove the fuel door pot.,,,,that part is ok. Now here is the stupid part,,,,once you have all 4 punched out it will look like this,,,,now the fuel door pot is useless,,,,,you must replace it,,,,you can not reuse it because you will have 4 stupid holes that you can not cover,,,,BMW does not have replacement plugs,,,,the new fuel door pot is complete,,,,soim you ever have to remove it for some reason like get the fill neck out or do some body work you can not reuse this part without have 4 visible holes when you open the fuel door.



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G30 new speaker options

 Here BMW new rear speaker options,,,,you get a 10 inch subwoofer and a amp screwed into the rear seat back,,,,covering the wiring is another options,,,,lol,,,,why didn’t the idiot just mount the amp onto the subwoofer box then the whole thing would be mobile and you won’t damage the BMW interior,,,,,what was I thinking,,,,lol

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G30 TCB failure

 I have a new G30 and the TCB has a programming fault and the SOS emergency malfunction light come on the instrument cluster,,,,so you have to remove the rear cover for the 3rd brake light and you must lower the headliner. Here you can see the old TCB mounted on the roof,,,,it clips onto the shark fin which is on roof of the car. Here is the new  TCB you can see where the pocket screw is lifting up the lock that clips it into the shark fin ,,,,on the left side you see lid open inside is battery’s,,,,you have to switch over the battery from the old TCB to the new TCB,,,,if you don’t you will be hating life and will have to lower down the headliner again.,,,then the fun part is programm and encode the TCB.

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Door handle light

 I hope everyone had a great holiday and  New Years,,,,here is the door handle light with the door handle part removed,,,,the light slides into the door handle. Here the new door handle light,,,notice the wire pig tail,,,,you will have to remove the door panel to release this connection and make sure you snap it into the holder,,,,if you don’t route the wiring correctly you will cut them from the window glass.

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N20 timing chain rail coming apart

 Here’s a hot topic with a lot of BMW owners,,,,this car came in with check engine light on and engine whine and rattle noise,,,,check engine light was low oil pressure and jammed oil pressure ,,,,,I noticed the timing chain whine but the engine was also rattling,,,,I removed the valve cover to inspect the timing chain,,,,you can see the chain rail missing and jammed under the vanos unit. So I removed the oil pan to see what’s going on inside and this is what I found at the bottom of the oil pan,,,,there was so much plastic from the timing chain rail,,,there was also a broken bolt and metal shavings in the pan. There was so much plastic in the oil pan that the oil pump was sucking up pieces of plastic causing a oil pressure issue and causing more damage.

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