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Instrument cluster F30

 Yea a beautiful instrument cluster,,,,big deal right,,,,it is when we are finding out that some of these instrument cluster are causing problems,,,,,this one came out of a F30,,,,the customer complained about battery warning light come on the I-drive when the … Continue reading

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G12 instrument cluster blank

 This picture sucks I know,,,,but this is a picture of a G12 instrument cluster,,,the problem is that the engine is running and nothing comes on,,,,the whole instrument cluster is blank,,,only during the start up does the parking,abs,DSC,and check engine light … Continue reading

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M6 instrument cluster messages

M6 cheap customer ,,,,here’s a M6 with all the dash error lights on,,,customer wants to know what the problem is,,,,,some independent shop could not find the problem,,,,I checked for faults,,,found several DSC faults,,,Wheel speed faults,,,EGS no wheel speed signal,,,performed all … Continue reading

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