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S63 intake venting system

I thought this was kind of cool,,,this is a S63 on a X5 M,,,,I had the intake filters and airbox off and was running the engine and you can see the vent hose venting back into the intake system.

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N20 intake valve

 Ok this is an interesting one,,,,N20 about 30k miles,,,,engine making noise internally,,,,and misfires on cylinder 2 only,,,checked the spark plugs and the ignition coil were ok,,,,no signs of oil burning or fuel soaking,,,if you look at the tip of the … Continue reading

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N63 intake vanos solenoid

 This N63 came in with check engine light on,,,the fault was bank 2 intake vanos during cold start,,,,so the vanos unit wasn’t working properly during cold start operations,,,,performed the test play which operates the vanos units and checks there functioning … Continue reading

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N20 vanos unit broken

 Ok here’s another vanos unit off a 2011 328 N51 engine,,,,this is the intake vanos unit that is now in several pieces,,,,the customer was just driving on the highway when the engine just lost power. As you can see there’s is … Continue reading

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